WOYWW 578 – Aldi Craft Haul


Morning everyone, on a grey and damp day in Pembrokeshire. I have a busy day ahead, mainly on the computer, but also planning some crafting.

If anyone would like to join in with WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), Julia has the special linky thing on her blog, Stamping Ground.

My big news is that I have joined Stampin Up as a Demonstrator. Been thinking about it for a while – used to help a friend with her craft days about 10 years ago (‘Magic Hands’ – diecutting, stamping etc!) and still have a lot of friends in the crafty world who are involved in varying ways (some just to get the discount for themselves, others who are working full-time with blogging/vlogging etc).

Yesterday the special offer of an extra freebie when signing up ended, so I jumped in and grabbed lots of fantastic products for my Starter Kit (you choose £130 worth and just pay £99, and I also lots of bundles to select from for my freebie). You are going to love what I chose – think daisies, ferns and delicious colours. I will be creating lots of projects with it, and just imagine my excitement when the box arrives!

From now on my blog posts will be only featuring Stampin Up products, so this is my last chance to show off what I bought from Aldi on Monday. Some useful tools, mini die cutting machine (which includes an owl die), die storage folder, washi tape and cute stickers (although they are more like chipboard embellies). The die cutting machine was reduced to £9.99, so I couldn’t leave it behind – and it will be really useful for workshops (when we can attend them again).

You will see that I have started to add holiday accommodation to my Pembrokeshire page. These will all be dog-friendly and/or cyclist-friendly. Both are saying that they are being rapidly booked up. Obviously there are a lot of people who are missing their visits to Pembrokeshire. I have some more companies to add, and will also be featuring Pembrokeshire shopping/crafts/food & drink etc. If any of you want to make the journey west along the M4 (from 13th July), then let me know and I can help with booking accommodation etc – and meet up for a personal tour (which can include a craft workshop at the farmhouse!).

My stomach says it is breakfast time now, so I will be back later to tour around your blogs.

Ali x

13 thoughts on “WOYWW 578 – Aldi Craft Haul”

  1. That’s a lovely big box of goodies, hope you have fun playing! We are missing Pembrokeshire a lot but at least from Monday we can get out for a drive now!
    HUgs LLJ 6 xxx

  2. Hello over there in beautiful Pembrokeshire! I actually have a bag packed ready to go as soon as the advice allows. We put our welsh house on the market 2 weeks before lockdown… We’re in Newport so of course I popped on to your Pembrokeshire page and was delighted and also a bit emotional, seeing the photo of Big Beach there shining in the sun. It has made me question selling the house at all but sadly it’s part of a trust so not my decision. Great haul from Aldi, especially that die folder and machine. I DO NOT NEED another machine but I can definitely make use of another folder. Best of luck with the stampin’ up journey! Have a lovely week, Lisa-Jane #15

  3. Morning Ali. My word – you are going to be busy with all those different strings to your bow! You will never have any boredom time, anyway! Great haul from Aldi – they do have some good stuff in their middle aisle. don’t they?! Enjoy using it all. All the best as you tackle stamping up…
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  4. oo well done on that craft haul – i use my mini die cutting machine quite a bit – so easy for the small dies. Good luck with the stamping up . Have a great week . |Soojay #14

  5. Nice finds Ali, enjoy playing with them i’m sure they will come in very handy for your new stampin up adventure. Happy WoywW Tracey #8

  6. We used to live in Haverfordwest…
    I wonder if Aldi in Australia would have those goodies!!
    Looking forward to your Stampin’ Up makes – always like the heads up on new lines…
    Happy woyww!
    Susan #12

  7. Brilliant haul – that folder is a bargain! Good Luck with SU, I’m sure you’ll do well. Stay Safe, stay well, Cindy #27

  8. Hope you enjoy your SU career! That die storage is a great thing – I have a couple that are similar – but be aware, they become very heavy when full, don’t want you damaging yourself – one of mine I actually need to stand to lift, so if your joints are a bit iffy, do be careful! WOYWW has quite a few SU! Demos in our throng, and I’m aware that you can only feature their products on your blog; indeed I believe that WOYWW was at one time being recommended as a place to expose and push products. Please remember that to keep it fair and non-commercial, WOYWW is about your desk and what you’re doing on it, not what you’re selling – we are all pretty fast to enquire and find out if we want or like something! I’ look forward to seeing the contents of your starter kit almost as much as you!

  9. Ali, you are so tremendously enterprising! I love hearing about your different endeavours. Well done, becoming a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. I have a few of their products and they are fabulous – very high quality, and I love the way they all co-ordinate with each other. I really like the look of the projects you can make with their stuff, I think the names they give to their colours can be a bit naff but you can’t have everything lol!! I am sure you will have tremendous fun with it all, and I really look forward to seeing your products and what you do with them. Well done with the holiday lets, too. We’ve had some lovely holidays staying on farm B&Bs in the past – so much more fun than staying in a hotel. We stayed in an absolutely fabulous farm in Kent once, at the height of the blossom season, and they had baby everything on the farm – kittens and puppies, lambs and calves and chicks – only the ducks hadn’t yet produced, and as far as I remember there weren’t yet any foals. It was fabulous. The family were smashing and gave us such a warm welcome – I put on loads of weight on that holiday lol!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. So glad you like my finished projects. I am not surprised you don’t have much time or energy left for cooking, with everything else you do. I do a weekly meal plan which usually means there are days when I don’t have to cook – I couldn’t keep it up all the time and need to rest. I can sit to do most things (lowered work surface with knee room underneath) and I have my perching stool and trolley to help, and the kitchen is very well organised now, especially with my brilliant pantry, so it’s all energy saving. I have a very good hob and oven and it’s all a joy to use.

    I had my second phone appointment re my bladder this afternoon, and again it was really good. She’s booking me in for a bladder scan and then I shall speak to her again. Have you ever been asked to keep a bladder diary? They can examine and compare what goes in and what comes out, and give you a plan to regulate how often you go. It’s quite hard to do on your own. I am doing pretty well with my 2-hourly visits to the loo and hopefully this will help re-train my brain to recognise when I need to go. I feel very optimistic now that they can really help me, after starting out thinking they’d probably say there was nothing that could be done, because of the permanent nerve damage that I’ve suffered.

    Kitties can be very demanding at breakfast time! My hubby feeds ours – he took over from me when I had to go into hospital one time, and he’s just kept it up. He doesn’t ever get the chance to lie in in the mornings, I can tell you! I think you are very wise to arrange a home visit for the vet to see Milky if she gets upset by travelling. Our two are very good going to the vet but it’s only 5 mins down the road for us these days. In the old days we had 20 minutes of yowling duets and stuff used to come out of every orifice of Phoebe’s, and poor old Beatrice used to squeeze into the furthest corner of the cat carrier to avoid getting covered! It was pretty awful! The first thing that happened on arrival was that the vet used to have to virtually hose Phoebe down!! She never travelled well.

    Happy belated WOYWW and give Milky a stroke from me,
    Shoshi x #7

  10. Wow love your Aldi stash, Aldi is just beginning to appear in this area. We have numerous Lidls that have fantastic offers, but unfortunately during lockdown have had no craft items at all. Will have to look what Aldi has to offer and have a drive out. Good luck with your new venture. Ani

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