WOYWW 575 – making a Zine

Good morning to all of the WOYWW community and any guests. If you would like to join in with this tour around crafty workspaces, please go and visit Julia’s Stamping Ground.

My crafty table this morning has an assortment of items on it. The first is a prototype Zine. I am not sure what the correct description of a Zine is (something for me to research), but basically I see it as a mini book folded from one piece of paper or card. I started a Creativebug class yesterday showing me how to make one (I had done these a couple of years ago when they were just called mini books, but needed reminding). I now have a template to show where and which orientation the pages are.

I decided to use Canva to design my first zine, and have got half of the sheet completed – with Bible verses and some images on alternate pages. I will get it finished today and will be blogging tomorrow. I have got lots more planned – often to use as mini scrapbooks – and different sizes too.

The other items on there include a Bible Journaling book that arrived yesterday from Amazon (beautiful projects), the mylar sheet that I have been using in my Ink Lily colouring classes (some green inks left that will get used for another project – not wasting them!), the very first design I cut out with my Cricut Maker (and I then coloured with alcohol markers from one of my monthly art boxes) and the obligatory pack of baby wipes (for my hands and stamps). In the far background is the teatowel version of my Funky Bunny design. It is too nice to use as a teatowel! Going to see if I can find something to make using it whilst still being able to see the face.

I have wanted to learn some hand embroidery for many years, and finally bought myself a kit. Wimperis Embroidery released her first monthly kit this week and it arrived yesterday. I will show any progress next week.

It is trying to rain here again, which we welcome. We cut the new grass in the back garden for the first time yesterday. I also actually went out in my car – to Tesco to ‘Click n Collect’. My collection slot was 8-10 pm (the only one I could get when I was trying to get a weekly delivery or collection a few weeks ago) and there was a queue – 3 cars in front of me and 5 behind. Very strange to my Lockdown mind, especially as the town and the roads from the farm were very quiet. We are still mainly in full Lockdown here in Wales, which I welcome. You can go and meet people from one other household outside, but mainly within a 5 mile radius, which doesn’t help us in a such a rural area. Hubby can cycle further now, as long as he starts and finishes his route from home. Garden centres are open and more restaurants are offering takeaways. I have been so busy with developing this website and crafting, it hasn’t mattered that we can’t go anywhere.

I hope that everyone is well and safe.

Ali x

10 thoughts on “WOYWW 575 – making a Zine”

  1. Morning Ali. You’ve been busy this week – some good looking things there on your desk. I do trust that the Bible journalling will be good, and strengthen and grow your faith in Jesus. All the best with it. I am actually going out to meet some friends in their back garden this afternoon – just about on the 5 mile limit – I’m not as rural as you are, but still, 5 miles doesn’t go far. However, Like you, I’m plenty busy, with lots to do, and not bored yet!
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  2. All I know about Zine is that it’s a really good word in Scrabble!! I’m glad you’ve had fun creating it, takes the mind down different routes. My challenge is that I’ve ordered two garment sewing patterns including a Man’s shirt which will be really out of my comfort zone!! We’re not venturing very far at the moment, are quite happy staying out of the madness.
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

  3. Enjoy your zine! still working from home here but trying to walk up and down a bit outside each day (taking it carefully in case of repeat dizzy spells which so far haven’t happened) but i miss people! even people I work with ha ha . Helen #1

  4. Hello Ali, I always though a zine was the name for a small publication (small in number of pages). I have seen art ones and text ones. Your Bible journaling book looks interesting, I seem to have a problem deciding what to do and how to do it with my Bible journaling. I think I feel stressed to work on my Bible pages. I haven’t felt any deprivation with the lockdown apart from not being to hug those I love. I am in North Wales, between Wrexham and Mold. Happy WOYWW Angela #28

  5. Your bible journaling book looks interesting. Look forward to seeing your progress with all these projects, looks like you are going to be very busy. Have a lovely week and a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x19x

  6. Love the look of that Bible journalling book, and I look forward to seeing your zines. Happy WOYWW. Stay safe. with love & God Bless, Caro xx (#9)

  7. Afternoon Ali, I’ve never heard the word Zine, but it might do well in Scrabble, I look forward to seeing your finished little book
    Chris #6

  8. I thought the Zine name was to do with the fact that it would be an article based thing, sort of transitory, like a magazine rather than a mini book which is filled once and kept. Whatever, hope you enjoy it now you’ve got the hang! I saw your comment about the Perspextives at Bramble Fox…They are 5mm perspex. I thought they were laser cut, but if the Cricut Maker is up to it, I may have to consider my options!!

  9. I’ve never heard of a zine before, Ali, and I look forward to seeing a completed one. I am like you, not really being affected by the lockdown because I am always here anyway and there’s plenty to do. Just the perennial problem of struggling to get Tesco delivery slots! Your Bible journaling book looks lovely.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #14

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