WOYWW 574 – moving on with my colouring

Good morning, everyone. We are gathered here today to show off our crafty workspaces for WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) and you can join in HERE.

It seemed that I had spent a very long time colouring in mushrooms/toadstools etc for Module 1 of the Ink Lily colouring classes. Yesterday I decided that I needed to move on, so took photographs and submitted them for assessment before I spent a few more hours fiddling with the blending.

This morning on my crafty table I have started Module 2, which includes some rocks and foliage. Relatively small stamps this time too, so less time consuming to cover the areas with small dots (a new technique to me).

I went into a big Fibromyalgia flare yesterday evening (probably caused by going out cycling, my electric failing to start properly and attempting to cycle up a steep hill without the additional power!) and was actually forced to go to bed early. I didn’t get a restful night’s sleep, so I am taking it very slow today and may even have a nap this morning!

At the end of last week I made a card. I have good intentions to do a blog post for it and enter some challenges (just like the old times), but that hasn’t happened yet. I used the latest freebies from Design Cuts to create the backing paper and topper. How many of you remember My Craft Studio (or even still use it now)? I hadn’t used it for years (it was always a really good program and I used it a lot for inserts/address labels), but then found a Facebook group and now I am hooked again. Even bought a few CD roms to add to my collection. I have the fancy new software/apps, but sometimes it is nice to just keep it simple.

I hope everyone is well and have enjoyed the wonderful warm/sunny weather. Back to a cold northerly wind in Pembrokeshire and a bit of rain last night. Not enough for the farm, but better than nothing.

Ali x

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 574 – moving on with my colouring”

  1. I’m sorry you had a flare up Ali, napping sounds like a good idea. I’ve been researching electric bikes as I’d like to get back into cycling but my old road bike is a gents one and I think my wonky balance would be better with a step through instead. Well done on working so hard with your colouring, practice really does make perfect.
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  2. I wish I was able to ride a bike, I used to when I was younger but after my sickness I haven’t done it. Since 2010. I love the card you made it is just so lovely. I think I have My Craft Studio somewhere on the computer. Unfortunately I haven’t used it very long time.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #8

  3. Hi Ali. Sorry you are not feeling so good – trust the regular naps will help. Rest is so important, isn’t it? The card is lovely – well done. Yes, I have My Craft Studio on my computer. John used it a lot – so helpful for his arthritic fingers – but I have never used it. I used to cycle, but afraid my back won’t let me these days.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  4. Lovely card! I know what you mean about fiddling with the shading – sometimes it’s just bet to step away. Sorry you aren’t feeling well – hope you manage to get plenty of rest and calm things down. . Happy WOYWW, Stay safe, stay well, Cindy #25

    1. Hope this works as I couldn’t find another way to add a comment Ali. Hope your Fibro flare eases off soon. Good luck with the rest of your colouring course and the second module. Great card. I have loads of My Craft Studio CDs but as I have no decent colour printer haven’t used them in ages. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  5. So sorry to hear you’ve had a FM flare, Ali. I know all about payback, and it seems as if the disease (ME in my case) is laughing behind its hand while you are overdoing it, and saying, “I’ll show you! Just you wait!” and for me, it’s always the next day that it hits and I just have to rest. After many years of this I should be a past master at the art of pacing, and was pretty good at it till I got cancer, and recovering from that, just wanted to do so much, and ended up overdoing things majorly! It’s so easy to get back into that awful boom and bust situation, isn’t it. Anyway, here’s hoping you are feeling better after a good rest. At least you are still able to continue crafting and perfecting your colouring techniques!

    Thank you for visiting, and for your good wishes for my birthday! I did have a lovely day. I think it is worth the effort of cutting up a fresh pineapple because it is quite different from the tinned variety. I wish you could have tasted this particular one – the sweetness and flavour were quite amazing! If you haven’t got a pineapple tool, there are various YouTube tutorials on how to prepare them with the minimum of effort. You do need a good knife, though. (I am becoming quite expert on knives these days and find the subject fascinating – essential kitchen kit!!)

    I was so amused to read that the only reason you haven’t moved is because of Milky! Lol! And I thought ours ruled the roost! The worst one we had for hunting was Beatrice. When she was young, her main passion was bunnies. Her record was 6 in one week. They were mostly young ones but still pretty large compared with her, especially when she always tried to eat the whole thing and would then throw up all over the house! She had utterly gross habits at times and the worst occasions always happened when my hubby was out and I had to deal with it! She settled down when she got older. Purdey, another of our old cats, used to favour slow worms and she got so many that I started keeping a daily record of them! And that was in the city! When we moved to the country, she thought all her Christmases had come at once and went on an absolute hunting frenzy, and like you, we would often have to shut the cat flap just to get a bit of peace and quiet! All the usual stuff (mice, birds etc.) and also a lizard, and a toad! When we first had her (we adopted her from a horrible bed-sit with no access to the outside), she used to bring in stuff off the compost heap – the cores of sweetcorn, cabbage stalks and banana skins! She also loved catching butterflies during the day, and worms at night, all of which were brought in for our delectation and delight! We have a saying in our family, which gets trotted out on such occasions: “You can go off kitties…” Then they settle down on your lap and purr and purr and you wonder that they are the same creature!

    I’m sorry you’ve suffered stricter lockdown rules in Wales.The lockdown hasn’t affected me that much because I’m always here anyway but it’s been great, having my hubby around all the time. We can now visit people if we sit in their gardens and not go indoors.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #14

    1. Oh yes, Milky definitely rules our household! We saw a toad making its way across our back garden a few days ago, and made sure she didn’t see it. I can’t bear toads and the thought of her bringing it in the house was horrible!

  6. Finally found the comment box! Sorry to hear about your fibro flare up – I hope that the bike gets sorted as it sounds wonderful. Take it easy. Happy Belated WOYWW. Stay safe and I hope you have a nice week. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#7)

  7. I hope the flare up has receded, a nap is always a lovely thing and being allowed to because you need to is a very thin silver lining! Keep going with the colouring classes, its fascinating. I wonder if the smaller stamped images will speed you up any…I doubt it somehow, probably just make you even more perfectionist!

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