WOYWW 573 – Sunflowers

Good morning from a sunny Pembrokeshire. After a cloudy day yesterday, I plan to get some suncream on and spend a few hours in the garden later. The grass needs cutting, garage needs cleaning out and I may even hoover my car out! We have our weekly delivery from a local veg/fruit shop, which includes one each of the 3 mini cheesecakes she makes each week (I have appointed us as ‘official cheesecake tester’!). That is dessert sorted for the next 3 days (they are big enough to cut in half). I also think that our Hermes courier will be bringing my next delivery from Create & Craft – a Sizzix Express die cutting machine. I treated myself when they had the recent special bundle. I will show it off next week.

We gather on a Wednesday to show what our crafty workspaces contain – whether they are full of fantastic projects, piled with new stash, or just empty and waiting for action! Join in HERE.

Back to my crafty table. It is tidy at the moment. I got a bit overwhelmed by having my Ink Lily pens and paper etc out there all the time, so I tidied up and now just get the supplies out that I need each day.

I follow Catherine Davis on Instagram and she mentioned her colouring book, so I went straight to Amazon and ordered one. There are loads of fabulous pages in there for me to practise on.

The notecards (and address labels underneath) came from Mixbook. The sunflowers were drawn by my own fair hand on my iPad (using Procreate). Obviously I was following instructions in a YouTube tutorial very closely! I was really impressed by Mixbook. The website was very easy to use (lots of lovely products and templates/embellishments etc to use) and they arrived from the US in 7 days (which included a 2 day delay whilst they waited for a missing invoice to be sorted). I was fully prepared to wait for a few weeks, especially at the moment. I am going to test out a few UK-based print companies too, and then offer some products for sale in my Etsy shop.

I did some more digital design on my iPad this week. With Affinity Designer this time, which definitely has a steeper learning curve than Procreate. I followed a Skillshare class and learnt a lot. Here is one of the leaf designs I finished. (Edited to add – for some reason the photo will not display properly this morning, so here is my weekly update post from yesterday – scroll down to the bottom to see the 2 leaf designs.)

Have a good week everyone. It is going to continue to be sunny and dry for much of the UK, I think. We need rain for the farm, so hoping that we get some heavy showers soon.

Stay safe.

Ali x

18 thoughts on “WOYWW 573 – Sunflowers”

  1. Hope you manage to get the jobs done in the garden Ali. That was a quick turn around for those prints from the USA. Nice digital designing. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  2. Happy WOYWDW ,Good luck with all the jobs in the garden, Great drawing of the sunflowers, I have trouble drawing a stick man lol

    Take care and stay well and safe,

  3. Have fun when the die cut machine arrives Ali, i’ve six die cut machines and hate die cutting… Lovely sunflowers card, your very good at putting away things before getting out the next some days I wish I could be just like that.. Happy WoyWW Tracey #16

  4. Isn’t it gorgeous to be out in the garden and walking by the sea? We are so fortunate here in West Wales – hope you get all your jobs done today. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed doing the digital design course, it’ll be useful in all sorts of ways. The pattern colouring book sounds fun too!
    HUgs LLJ 2 xx

  5. Hi Ali. Goodness – sounds like today will be a busy day! Enjoy. The sunflowers are lovely – well done – and yes, I am very impressed at the speed of service.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  6. Having a garden means constantly work I assume 😉 – First time I hear that quick delivery from US. I used to wait weeks and weeks. Lovely images for sure.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #20

  7. Enjoy your time in the sunshine and it sounds like you have a list of things to do. Always lovely to see the creative projects on other peoples desks. The die cutting machine sounds fab…. looking forward to seeing it next week.
    Sandra de @15

  8. Enjoy the new machine and i hope you get all the jobs done in the garden so you can sit in it. Have a great week . Soojay #27

  9. Cor, I think you need to pace yourself a little..a couple of hours in the garden followed by grass cutting, garage clearing and car hoovering seems to me to be asking to have to lie down for the next few days, be careful gal! The weather is wonderful, and last night i watered for the first time. Light weeding and grass cutting is easy enough, but the ground is so hard and dry now that real bedding plant plant and digging type work are out. We need rain too, but oh…..
    I’m not feeling so bad about my retail therapy this week, many of you are doing the same! Enjoy the new book, I can totally see the attraction.

  10. Enjoy the sunshine whilst you can and get those jobs done quickly so you can have a sit down between tasks.
    My word you have had a good spend – think we all have if truth be known, would love to know about this new machine as I am so out of touch these days.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  11. Hi Ali, took me a few minutes to figure out where the comments spot was! Must be losing it. Well done you teaching yourself new things – I find I have very little patience watching videos these days. Happy WOYWW, Stay Safe, Stay Well, Cindy # 14

  12. Hi Ali, new die cutting machine I’m looking forward to seeing that. Sounds like you’ve got plenty of jobs to do but I think sitting in the garden sounds better. Wishing you a lovely creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  13. The colouring book looks fabulous and just the sort of designs I like. I love the card design – the flowers look like a photograph, just amazing.
    Hope you have a good week and enjoy the cheesecake!
    Diana x #21

  14. How exciting, Ali – hope your new machine comes quickly so you can start playing with it! It sounds as if you are really busy. Enjoy your new colouring book, too. I have got both Procreate and Affinity Designer but haven’t yet really got to grips with the latter. I got it because you can’t use Inkscape on the iPad. It’s a totally different approach from Procreate it is a vector drawing programme. I use Inkscape (free) on the computer for designing for the cutting machine. If you are interested in converting bitmap images to vector, there’s a very useful freebie, Adobe Capture, which will do it for you.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #22

  15. Hi Ali, goodness I am missing Pembrokeshire so much. We are trying to sell a house down there (retirement home that sadly didn’t work out) but given the chance, I will be in the car and heading across the bridge to be by the sea and have all my cares blown away. I love your sunflower card!! I’m trying to learn Procreate myself for my cut files so I only tend to work in black and white but seeing your sunflowers makes me want to include some colour! I’m also trying to work through the a course with Make Art That Sells, their Money Bad Ass course is currently free and is really helpful for deciding in income streams for your art and I know a lot of the artists on there are looking at various printers etc. Definitely worth a look before the freebie closes. Best wishes, Lisa-Jane #23

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