WOYWW 572 – lots of ink

Happy 11th Anniversary of WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday – click HERE to join in with this global tour around crafty workspaces).

I wonder if this is a record for a weekly blog hop? Huge thanks to Julia for putting up with us for this long!

… and now I must admit that my UFO selected for this occasion is still sitting downstairs untouched! At least I took it downstairs. The intent was very strong. I promise to get it finished ASAP and will then post very proud photos.

Back to the important task of sharing my crafty table. This week it has seen lots of ink – mostly on stamping card, but some on my hands. I started the classes that come with the Ink Lily pens, and have got my first test images done. I have stamped up those images again and will now get those carefully done for the assessment (we can get all of our work assessed by Mel Heaton and then get a certificate at the end of the course, and I am planning to teach classes myself/write blog posts etc).

I also have some new stash to show off. I bought a set of Rare Earth stamping platforms and some inkpads (Mememto – black, brown and sand – not showing in the photo) from Create & Craft, and also remembered to order the Member’s product, which was this very useful set of stamps this month.

I had seen a bargain scrapbooking set on Amazon (which I posted a link on my blog and Instagram, and within 1 hour the current stock had gone – now only available for delivery at the end of July). I found one in Amazon Warehouse (always worth looking in if you really want something in particular – usually just the outer packaging is damaged), so ordered that. Yes, the outer box was a bit crushed and held together with sellotape, but all ok inside, except for one of the pen lids has come off and it definitely looks like the inkpads have been thrown around. The rest of the contents look ok though and I will be doing some projects with it in the coming weeks).

I have also been busy with my website – design and contents – gardening (we have finally sown the grass and wildflower meadow seed in the back garden and now anxiously awaiting for the first green to appear), and just general life under Lockdown (here in Wales there have been very few relaxing of rules, which I am personally happy with. We feel a lot safer over here in the far west).

Finally my Funky Bunny design was entered into a cushion competition and this was the result (I wasn’t placed, but at least I get to see his cheery face on our spare bed!). I am planning to get this design into my Etsy store soon.

Funky Bunny cushion on bed

I hope that all are happy and safe.

Ali x

(This would have been published a lot earlier, but having issues getting photos from phone to either Google Drive or Dropbox. This used to take seconds, but over the past few months it seems to take longer and longer. I blame my new phone! In the end I took photos again with my iPad. Note to self – if I need a photo within 24 hours, then use my iPad.)

20 thoughts on “WOYWW 572 – lots of ink”

  1. Some interesting projects here, Ali, and I do love the funky cushion cover! Well done. I also love the airmail background for your comments section – very clever! Hope the web designing is going well.

    Happy 11th anniversary WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #19

  2. Morning Ali. Goodness, you have been busy. Loving the rabbit on the cushion – he’s fun. Lots still to play – erm… – work – with there on your desk. Enjoy.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  3. Happy anniversary and I think bunnies are a very cute theme this week. You have a lovely set of stamps and goodies for future projects. Have a wonderful and safe week.
    Sandra de @16

  4. Thank you for visiting, Annie, and for your kind words about my projects, especially the accordion card. I really enjoyed making that one! I do tend to make my projects complicated and they take a long time, which is probably why I’ve got such a surfeit of UFOs to deal with!! Actually, getting them all out to photograph them has inspired me to start working on them, and I’ve brought more clutter down into the sitting room so I can work on them from the comfort of the recliner! I don’t really have that much energy and most days don’t manage to achieve anything much till after lunch. I really like the new look of your blog – it’s fun, and shows off to perfection your skills in web design. I like the little pencil sharpening above the comment section which I hadn’t noticed before! You are very clever, and I hope it brings you lots of opportunities because I am sure others will really benefit from your skills.

    Shoshi x #20

  5. WOW, Ali, you are for sure a busy person 🙂 I know how that is, being covered in Ink 😉 Looking great all your are doing!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW Anniversary
    Mariane #25

  6. Lots of fabulous things going on – I love the bunny cushion, he’s certainly fun and funky and the colouring course sounds interesting.
    Have a great week using your new stash, and Happy WOYWW Anniversary,
    Diana x #28

  7. Happy 11th Bloggyversary! I hope you enjoy today’s celebrations seeing what everyone has got up to. You’ve got a lot to play with in the next few weeks and I love that Bunny cushion, great fun!
    Take ace and keep safe,
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  8. Happy 11th anniversary, What awesome stamps you bought. Sometimes we can’t finish things because of time constraints. It sounds like you have been very busy with other things. LOVE that bunny. It’s simply adorable and would win in my book. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  9. Happy 11th WoywW Anniversary Ali, you sure have been busy and looks like you will have much to occupy yourself over the weeks ahead. Your Bunny cushion is very sweet, makes a lovely personal home accessory. Happy creating Tracey #10

  10. I had problems uploading photos too… blooming blogger! though that doesn’t seem to be your issue . Hope your intentions for your UFO come off… I was quite amazed mine got done to be honest. Have a good week, stay safe and happy11th anniversary. Helen #2

  11. Hi Ali! Happy 11th anniversary ! I will look to see your UFO in the coming weeks _ you seem very busy and I love your funky bunny cushion! That will be a bestseller! Good luck with all your projects!

  12. Loving the cushion, so sweet. Good luck at getting the UFOs finished. Thanks for all your kind words and wishing you a very happy woyww 11th Anniversary. Big hugs, Angela x17x

  13. It would seem that Google drive has done a lot heads in this week! Hope you’re enjoying the work with the Ink Lily pens. We were talking last night about turning a hobby into a job and how it can quite quickly cause you to fall out of love with the hobby because of the pressure of the work…don’t let that happen will you? I wondered if that was the cause of your big stash sell off and get-rid-of last time, although I’m very happy to have been proven wrong! So if your IG posts are causing stock sell outs, does that make you an influencer? see I know the jargon! I think getting the UFYO out and downstairs does indeed display intent, and that’s good enough!!

  14. That happy cushion is awesome, so cheerfull to find that on a bed when you go to sleep! And YAY for taking your UFO downstairs, that’s a start and all starts need to be cheered and celebrated I think! Happy anniversary dear one, stay safe. Big hug from Holland, Marit #32

  15. Love your cushion – what a shame it didn’t get chosen.
    I have never heard ofd Ink Lily pens, you have got my nosiness gong now so I am going to have to look them up. Good luck with the course, hope your teaching happens.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  16. Happy belated 11th WOYWW, Ali, isn’t IT amazing!? 😊 and so grateful to have your friendship through it!
    All my photos are on my phone and have great app called resizer, a freebie and upload all photos on Android phone, on Chrome to Blogger. All Google owned so co-ooperate. Never used Google drive.
    Ohhh those stamps and colouring of fungii they are droolworthy, Ali, love them!
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X 7

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  17. Love the new stash.
    What a beautiful cushion, I would have given you first prize!
    Happy Anniversary
    Stay safe and take care
    Christine #31

  18. Hi Ali! I love your Funky Bunny pillow – well worth first prize if you ask me! I had never heard of Ink Lily pens so I had to google them. Do they all have flowers on the ends? Very pretty stamps that come with them! I hope you do well with teaching the style. Good luck with your waiting UFO! Happy Anniversary, glad to be your WOYWW friend! Lindart #40

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