WOYWW 569 – the boxes are revealed

Morning everyone. There has been some crafting in my craft room this week, but all digital – and mostly designed on my new love, Canva. If you haven’t used that for crafting, or used it at all, then go and try it out. Here is a scrapbook page I designed.

I have had some new crafty goodies delivered though, so will show them. Firstly, the contents of the Hobbycraft box from last week. You can see why I wasn’t in a rush to unpack it. Just a new glue gun, mat and glue sticks. Useful though, and will be much better having a cordless one.

I had the first Artful box delivered. Always exciting to get a mystery box. I ordered with a discount code and knew it was stash for illustrating/sketching, so not a total mystery. I was pleased to get a sketch book with really nice paper, a magazine and an assortment of pens/pencil/eraser. I love Posca Pens and have a small collection already, and these ones are lovely colours.

I have also ordered some Scrawlr boxes. They have been highly recommended, so now impatiently waiting for the postman each day!

Apologies for not leaving comments on as many blog posts as I was intending to last week. It was an honour to be at No.1 in the list and I was going to visit every blog – but, then my health decided that wasn’t going to be possible. A nasty flare of some painful symptoms meant that I spent a few days on painkillers and doing as little as possible. I started feeling better yesterday (I actually did some cleaning of the house – much needed!), so hoping that I can be back to my usually fairly active self for at least the next week.

This website is being developed daily – with plans to do 2 blog posts per week, plus this one! I have some new affiliate links, which are more closely aligned with papercraft (and other crafts) – one of which came about because I fell in love with some washi tape!

Hope that everyone is ok, getting the groceries they need (I actually have a supermarket delivery booked weekly for the next 3 weeks, so hoping that things are getting back to normal in that respect?) and doing more crafting than me.

Ali x

ps As usual, I nearly forgot to say why I am posting about what is on my crafty table. It is WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) and a grand selection of crafters around the world post each week. Come and join us HERE.

21 thoughts on “WOYWW 569 – the boxes are revealed”

  1. well done on no 1 spot ! I have never done any digital crafting and haven’t done a lot of physical crafting either! Hope the pains stay away this week, take care and stay safe. Helen #4

  2. Congratulations #1 i got a phone call and missed the calling LOL. Its nice to have new toys delivered, love the colour of your gun. Hope you are feeling. better

    Stay safe
    Bridget #5

  3. You have nailed No. 1. and I love the look of the sketching box and can’t wait to see what you create. Have fun sketching.
    Sandra de

  4. Ali, looking back I think it was your photo from last week that made me think about painting dandelions. I just love them and DH says “but there weeds”. Haha.

  5. I can’t keep up with subscription kits, and then I end up with massive guilt for not using them, so I’m very impressed that you have two underway! Love your digi scrapbook page, such a fab photo. I can’t take up digi before I’ve reduced my non virtual stash to something resembling a few pieces of paper and a pot of glue!!

  6. Happy WOYWDW Love the layout hope soon that we can all go some nice places, New stash is always nice and am waiting for come myself,

  7. Hi there, Number One Slot Ali! Lol! It’s as rare as hen’s teeth for me ever to achieve that honour. Lovely new stash which has arrived – the art box looks fabulous and must have been fun to unpack. I’ve got a cordless glue gun and it’s great. It only takes 15 seconds to heat up and has a lovely fine nozzle too. I’ve never heard of Canva before – is it a digital scrapbooking app? I used to use the Serif one but haven’t for ages because I don’t do scrapbooking. I’ve used a few of the backgrounds on and off though. So sorry to hear you’ve been having such a bad time with the FM and hope you will soon be over the flare. I can empathise with you over the fatigue but can only imagine what the pain must be like… Sending gentle hugs your way. Try not to overdo it as you start to feel better! I know that boom and bust trap too well for comfort!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #10

  8. Hi Ali, No. 1! Well done. Loving the new craft boxes and the layout. I am looking forward to seeing the development here and it sounds like you’re going to be very busy. Take care and have a happy woyww, Angela x15x

  9. You’ve had some lovely Happy Mail this week, hope you have fun crafting with it! Let’s see if my comment will be accepted by your blog today!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xx

  10. Morning Ali, hope you are feeling better now?
    I’m not a digital creator I leave that to my two youngest always amazed at what can be done digitally though. Your artful box looks intriguing I have a scrawlr box subscription though, there are a few treats inside every now and then but I find a lot of things i’ve already got in many of the boxes, continue to enjoy we can never have too many pens, pencils & paints.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #14

    1. I hope this is the right place to comment, it’s not very clear on my screen!! Well done for being no 1 Ali. I always intend to get round but rarely finish as life often gets in the way. Some weeks I leave it til later and do the ones after me!! Like Julia I am not good with the subscription boxes – they tend to get left so I try not to get tempted any more but kudos to you for your projects! Hope you continue to feel well, Happy WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, Cindy #18

  11. Hi Ali. Thanks for your visit – and being so polite and not mentioning that my post this morning is in a muddle. I’m afraid word press wasn’t playing properly today – even when I went back and tried to edit the thing!!
    Oooo – some lovely new stash there – even though most of it wasn’t a surprise, it’s good to have the post arrive and the fun of opening something, isn’t it? A good page designed there on your computer. Well done.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  12. OO the boxes look interesting ( not that I don’t have enough craft supplies!!) Enjoy playing and do post when you get the new one. Take care and stay safe. Soojay #24

  13. Gosh! You’re super busy, sign you’re feeling better, for which I am pleased. The boxes sound very interesting, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about them.
    Have a painfree week and take care
    Christine #26

  14. Go you No 1! Great stash received. I often see these subscription boxes and wonder if worth doing. I’ll keep an eye out. Glad you’re feeling better. Take care Zoe xx 25

  15. Hi Ali, thanks for your visit. Have fun trawling back through my posts!! So glad you like my recent efforts. I am pleased how they are turning out as cards. Your floral design course sounds great – I’d love to hear more about that and see what you get up to with it. Making repeated patterns could lead to wallpaper design, perhaps? You are very enterprising! Milky bringing in mice certainly brings back a few memories… We’ve had voracious hunters in the past but our present kitties don’t get too much opportunity, with a small town garden. Lily has caught a couple of mice but it’s nothing compared with the huge quantities of all sorts of small wildlife that used to make it through the cat flap in our previous house!! The half-eaten eviscerated bunnies were the worst… Cats can be so gross. Thanks for asking – my health isn’t too bad at the moment but I am being plagued by frequent headaches again! The doctor put me on low dose amitriptyline to try and prevent them and it seemed to be working for a while but I might just have been entering a headache free phase. Nothing I take seems to work! I am now going to try Tiger Balm!!

    Shoshi x #10

  16. I havent done any digital scrapbooking in about 12 years – it looks as though it has really moved on and improved since I last had a go. Happy belated WOYWW. Stay safe and take care my friend. With love & God Bless, Caro xx (#29)

  17. I’ve never done digi crafting – ordered an image from somewhere but haven’t even used that yet, not sure I know how to – will have to read up about it.
    You pae is lovely though – such a gorgeous set of colours – so bright and inspiring.
    Hugs, Neet 8 x

  18. Oh keep well, Ali, pain is no fun, new goodies are though, love the digital page too. Post very slow here, hope better there with you?
    Lovely desky share sorry I’m late… again… 😁
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too, especially in these troubled times, may we look up in faith, not at the mud underneath ! Praying you’re all kept well too!
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x 😊 #22

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