WOYWW 562 – a bit of shopping

Happy WOYWW to everyone. This stands for What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday and is a global tour around the places where we craft, whether a craft room, dining room, kitchen or wherever. Come and join in at Stamping Ground.

My photo below shows that there is no actual crafting going on right now. I am multi-tasking in a big way, getting this blog post typed, dealing with Apple Support as my iPad won’t turn on and occasionally jumping up to do other tasks around the house (or I seize up if I sit for too long).

We went shopping in Llanelli yesterday and I managed to persuade hubby to let me visit The Range! I bought this pack of card (75 sheets, 75 colours), some Tacky Glue, plus a sweet donkey canvas and a photo frame. I am looking for a cheap machine to do embossing with, but they didn’t have any special deals, so I keep looking.

I am going to do some cardmaking tomorrow, mainly with my Cricut Maker – but just not been in the right mood to be creative today. This continuous grey/cold/wet weather really gets me down.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Ali x

ps iPad is refusing to do anything, so I have put it away in a drawer for now. It was going to cost at least £250 if it could be repaired, or they would charge me for a replacement. I have been thinking of upgrading to an iPad Pro anyway, so going to save up for a few months and hopefully there will be some good deals around when the new model is released. Sadly that means I cannot continue with my digital planning, which I really enjoy. Thinking of getting a cheap desk diary tomorrow and then doodling/stamping in it. A paper version!!

5 thoughts on “WOYWW 562 – a bit of shopping”

  1. Sorry to hear about your iPad, Ali. I must say I’d be lost without mine! If you can manage it, I would definitely take this opportunity to upgrade to the iPad Pro. Sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more and future-proofing yourself along the way, rather than spending a bit less on a repair that might not even work. I had the same dilemma recently when my hi-speed blender broke down, and I decided to upgrade to the latest model rather than opting for a repair which might not have worked anyway. I haven’t regretted the decision! Have you considered looking on Ebay for a reconditioned iPad Pro? I got my iPhone that way and when it arrived it was like new, and for considerably less than a new one (which costs absolutely silly money imo). Nice new stash from the Range! Enjoy it and have fun.

    Thank you for your visit, and I’m glad you liked my Celtic knots, as well as seeing how much the kitties have grown! Our kitties rule the house as well!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #11

  2. I must admit to have never had any Apple products Ali. There seems to be a bit to much built in obsolescence with them to persuade you to upgrade for my liking. I’ll stick with Android and Windows. Hope you feel up to a bit more crafting soon. Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #13

  3. Hi Ali, not very good that Apple support couldn’t support without a hefty £250. It’s not like theirs are cheap products to start with! My iPad wouldn’t turn on and hubby eventually had to reset it, and then I donated it to one of our grandsons and switched to Samsung. I don’t use it for anything advanced, just surfing, blogging and games. I hope your crafty mojo returns soon. Are you still painting the pebbles/stones? Have a lovely week Heather xx #21

  4. Technology is a pain when it stops doing what it should! You will be happy doodling on a paper version! xx Jo

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