WOYWW 548 – some festive crafting

I am very late today. Had good intentions to get a blog post typed early this morning, but then got distracted by budgets. Not as interesting as joining in with this global crafty blog hop (hosted by Julia over at Stamping Ground), but very satisfying to know that I sort of know where my spending needs to go for the next few months (in my journey towards being totally debt-free, which should end by August next year!).

My photos were taken yesterday, but my crafty table doesn’t look much different now, except there are more washi tapes waiting to possibly be made into very last minute Christmas cards. I want to post my cards tomorrow, so if I don’t feel like sticking washi tape to card whilst watching tv later, then I will be writing out charity cards left over from last year!

My whole ethos (is that the right word?!) of making my life simpler also relates to Christmas. I am doing a lot less this year – spending less, sending out less cards (not spending hours making cards) and generally not over-catering in all ways. Wish I had started on this about 20 years ago!

The star on the top of the washi tree looks blue in the photo, as I had just used a glue pen ready to foil it with gold. I bought the foiling/glitter kit last year, but never used it. When I did my big Craft Room Clearout, this was one thing I wanted to keep, as I knew that eventually I would enjoy playing with it. Now I just want to foil everything! My next crafty session will be seeing if it works on Bible paper, so watch this space.

I hope that everyone is well and happy. I haven’t toured around any of the other blogs for a while. My health took a turn for the worse about a week after getting back from Spain. My Psoriasis and another painful long-term issue flared up, and I have truthfully not felt like doing much at all, apart from attempting to keep up with the housework/laundry etc and watching tv. Everything crossed that I will be recovering from now on.

I am continuing to do Photoshop tutorials (the black card with snowflakes was designed on there), and I still keep hoping that one day it will all be clearer to me. The Serif CraftArtist software is so much more intuitive. I no longer have my laptop, and my desktop pc had to have a new hard drive, so don’t have CraftArtist to use right now. I do have a rare unused disk in my cupboard that was bought many years ago when Create & Craft were selling it for £5, so intend to get that loaded onto my pc soon. However, for now, I will perservere with Photoshop. It keeps my brain working!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ali x

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 548 – some festive crafting”

  1. Love your black and white snowflakes. I thought they were either stamped and embossed or white die cuts. I like your thoughts about scaling back and simplifying (and especially the debt free part!) I have to work harder on that. Your comments remind me of a book I have (the Purse driven Christmas) Happy Wednesday!

  2. The monochrome card at the end is very smart indeed, you did a great job. Good luck in your quest to downsize everything, I think it’s ok to want a simpler life. Hope your health improves soon as well,
    Hugs LLJ 3 xx

  3. Hi Ali, hope you are feeling better. Know what you mean, illness, or just not feeling right, does tend to cramp your creativity. Love the cards. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #15 X

  4. Love the washi tape cards and the final snowflake card is stunning. I have also simplified things this year out of necessity. Really hope your health improves over the next few weeks. Happy WOYWW. Take care, With Love & God Bless Caro xx (#5)

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well Ali, hope you are at least feeling a little better now? I love your washi tree and the black with golds & silvers is beautiful, very elegant. Take good care of yourself and enjoy how ever you choose to use your creative time. Happy WoywW Tracey #8

  6. Great ideas for Christmas cards with washi tape Ali. I have quite a bit so may well borrow (OK steal) the Christmas tree for some quick cards. Thanks! Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #2

  7. A belated happy WOYWW x. Sorry you are not feeling so good. I do agree with you, we push ourselves to the limit a lot of the time. Bad health has its way of slowing us down. Do what you want to do and feel able to do, leave the rest when possible x Angela #25

  8. Hi Ali, Sorry your health isn’t as good. My Fibromyalgia and Arthritis are worse on the colder and damp days. Now with the broken shoulder the going is tough, but I am improving. Next goal is to be able to drive.

    I send all bought charity cards this year. I’ve never liked making Christmas cards.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW.
    Sue #7

  9. Sorry to hear your health has taken a turn for the worse. Do you find it is better in Spain for you? Just wondering if the warmth helps.
    I am with you on this paring down lark. I decided only to make Christmas cards for those who appreciated them and that is what I set out to do – think I might have made one or two too many but they will do for another year. Definitely not spending as much on all the trimmings as usual and being a lot simpler this time.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  10. Thanks for your visit….Things have gotten more stable, dealing with laryengitis and sinus so resting. I sure hope you are feeling better. It’s hard during the holidays when you don’t feel up to par. Good luck with the photoshop tutorials, I’ve wanted to do that for a LONG time. Enjoy a great weekend

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