WOYWW 524 – Sharpies on glass

I am going to cheat, as I often do with WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), and show what I made at a craft workshop.

Last night it was the monthly meet-up at a local chapel; a lovely group of friendly ladies. If you are ever in Pembrokeshire on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, then come and join us. This time we decorated glasses with Sharpie pens. A lot of inspiration was obtained from Pinterest!

I attempted to do a ombre-effect, which was basically doing lots of dots in different colours, which is my level of art at the moment (it is the blue champagne flute – really difficult to get a clear photo of it by itself).

I also went to a glass painting workshop last week, so a lot of glass in my life at the moment. Apart from this there is no crafting going on. Instagram and cleaning are taking up most of my days – trying out some homemade cleaning recipes later. Come over to Instagram – the cleaning community is crazy.

Hope that everyone is well. I need to go and read some blog posts and catch up.

Ali x

8 thoughts on “WOYWW 524 – Sharpies on glass”

  1. The whole community thing moves too fast for me on Instagram, I dread to think how many hours the minutes I spend daily would add up to if I was up to it!
    Nice way to pass a session whilst chatting..I like the dots, a less specific design. Otherwise I’d always be thinking that I could only use the glass on occasions that’s match the picture….I know, weird!

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