Using Canva to design a Zine

My latest Creativebug class was ‘How to Create Zines’ with Courtney Cerruti. I love to do craft projects that end with something useful and have made mini books/journals in the past, so this latest craze was really attractive to me.

3 Months of Creativebug for $5

What is a Zine? It is most accurately a self-published print-work distributed in small quantities, and is produced by photocopier. I have amended this to include the use of a printer, but I will be doing future projects using the copy function and especially just in black/white.

For my first Zine I decided to use some Bible verses that give me protection and strength. Using Canva (I have the Canva Pro subscription so have access to 60 million+ of photos and lots of other design elements/templates, but with a Free account you will still have hundreds of thousands of images), it was simple to select the backgrounds and font that I wanted to use.

After going through the Creativebug class and learning how to cut/fold a single sheet of paper or card to create a prototype Zine, I went into Canva to design the actual sheet of images (all correctly sized and orientated). I used A4, but you can use any size of paper/card (instructions for other folds are included in the Creativebug class).

(There are a couple of things I will be looking into in the next few months. One is being able to share clear screenshots from Canva, so I can do detailed tutorials. The other is to be able to do high quality videos of my hands/project, so I can share more details of how I create projects. If in the meantime you need some extra help with any of my projects, then please email me at and I will sort something out.)

I first did a test print on paper and assembled it (picture below).

Then I used 250 gsm silk card to give my final Zine a bit more substance.

Here are the basic folds/cut

Then the covers are stuck on and washi tape added to the spine

Here is the finished Zine.