Creative Christianity Summit 2020 – 17-21 June

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On 15th June 2019 the very first Creative Christianity Summit was held in London. I remember that I wanted to attend, but I struggle with travel now and it would have needed me to stay in a hotel for at least 2 nights. It looked like a lot of fun (see pictures below).

Therefore, I was excited when I heard that this year it would be a Virtual Conference and would also be 5 days of ‘Faith. Fun & Creativity’.

I am very new to Bible Journaling and Faith Craft, but have 25 years experience in the crafting world. I am enjoying learning about the challenges of creating within a Bible (restricted space and the very thin paper!) and also tackling other Faith Craft projects (like my Zine, My Little Book of Faith – join my newsletter list to get the free download).

The Creative Christianity Summit will be a chance for me to explore faith and creativity that fits in around Lockdown.

Buy your ticket now (£39) and join in from 2 pm on Wednesday 17th June 2020. We will have access to all of the sessions for 12 months, so don’t worry if you know that your schedule will not allow you to be present for each live event.

Here are some of the speakers –

Thea Muir
Artist and Founder of I Am So Many Things

Josie Gamble
Creative Director at Christian Creative Network UK

Janina Victoria
Graphic Designer at Hillsong UK and Watercolour Artist

Chloe Ainsley
Eco-friendly designer at Chloe Ainsley Creative

Ian Barnard
Hand lettering artist (see my blog post on Lettering for his website).

Some of the creative workshops include –

Temitope Manning
Watercolour & brush lettering artist at Living Letter Designs

Heather Kauffman
Founder of HK Creations & Bible journaller

Doodling Faith
Bible Journaling workshop

There is a Facebook group for all attendees, so I would suggest buying your ticket now, and then you have several days of friendly chat and inspiration before the big event starts next week.

See you there!

Ali x

Using Canva to design a Zine

My latest Creativebug class was ‘How to Create Zines’ with Courtney Cerruti. I love to do craft projects that end with something useful and have made mini books/journals in the past, so this latest craze was really attractive to me.

3 Months of Creativebug for $5

What is a Zine? It is most accurately a self-published print-work distributed in small quantities, and is produced by photocopier. I have amended this to include the use of a printer, but I will be doing future projects using the copy function and especially just in black/white.

For my first Zine I decided to use some Bible verses that give me protection and strength. Using Canva (I have the Canva Pro subscription so have access to 60 million+ of photos and lots of other design elements/templates, but with a Free account you will still have hundreds of thousands of images), it was simple to select the backgrounds and font that I wanted to use.

After going through the Creativebug class and learning how to cut/fold a single sheet of paper or card to create a prototype Zine, I went into Canva to design the actual sheet of images (all correctly sized and orientated). I used A4, but you can use any size of paper/card (instructions for other folds are included in the Creativebug class).

(There are a couple of things I will be looking into in the next few months. One is being able to share clear screenshots from Canva, so I can do detailed tutorials. The other is to be able to do high quality videos of my hands/project, so I can share more details of how I create projects. If in the meantime you need some extra help with any of my projects, then please email me at and I will sort something out.)

I first did a test print on paper and assembled it (picture below).

Then I used 250 gsm silk card to give my final Zine a bit more substance.

Here are the basic folds/cut

Then the covers are stuck on and washi tape added to the spine

Here is the finished Zine.