FERRET RABBIT TORTOISE (outside pets) Printable Emergency Cards & Keychain Tag



Do you have pets in your home? Have you thought about what would happen to them if there was a fire/flood etc and you were not at home?  How about if you are away from home and have a medical emergency?  Any emergency when you have a dog and/or other pets is really scary.

  • Print out one of my easy A4 sheets, cut out, fill in the details and laminate. If you don’t have a laminator at home, then often you can borrow one from family/friend/neighbour/workplace or go to a print shop that offers this service.
  • You will have a Door/Window Card to display either inside a glass door or window (or cut in half before laminating, if you only have a solid door), a Wallet Card for your purse/wallet/handbag/laptop bag/bicycle bag/suitcase etc, and a Keychain Tag for your car/house keys etc.
  • Print out as many copies as you like for personal use. Every adult in the household can have at least one Wallet Card and Keychain Tag. You can display the Door/Window Cards on your front and back doors for instance.
  • I have lots of designs already in my Etsy store and will be adding all of these here in the coming weeks.
  • I also offer a service for custom designs, perhaps with photos of your pet(s).  Email me at hello@aliwade.com.
  • It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that my pets will be cared for appropriately if I am not at home or in the case of a medical emergency.
  • 10% of my profits go to an animal charity, which is currently The Donkey Sanctuary.

Read my blog post – Four steps to ensure your pets are cared for in an emergency.


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