How useful is a Daily Draw Tarot Card Routine?

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Recently I have started the routine of a Daily Draw. Why is this useful?

  • Helps me to connect with the Tarot cards.
  • Time for myself; to think about what questions I have in my mind.
  • Helps me to gain confidence with the cards.
  • Enables me to gain understanding of my life at that moment.
  • Builds a library of my thoughts on each card.
  • Encourages me to be creative and create a Tarot Daily Draw Journal (digitally with the Zinnia app, but also thinking of starting a Bullet Journal or Travellers Notebook – watch this space!).

It only takes a few minutes, but that short time enables me to concentrate on the cards and also on myself. I escape from social media, emails and WordPress editing! I also get to practice shuffling the cards, which I am rubbish at and often drop some (which usually shows to me an important message with the cards that fall).

I am using the traditional Rider Waite deck for my Daily Draw at the moment. So many of my clients ask for this deck, so I felt it was important to connect with the imagery more deeply. I don’t always find this deck particularly intuitive, but sitting and really looking at a card, and then writing down whatever comes into my mind is really helping me.

I don’t always have a specific question in my mind. Sometimes just looking at the card will bring questions to the front of my mind, and I will then naturally use the card to guide me. The few minutes of concentrating on the card in front of me and how that relates to my life right then is so valuable. If I am struggling with a particular issue earlier in the morning, I really look forward to shuffling the cards.

I am building up a valuable library of my thoughts on this deck. Not someone who has written a book or a blog post, but me. We will all see something different in a card, and we may well see something different each time we draw it. That is one of the things I love about Tarot Reading. The cards have an infinite set of meanings, which are personal to us as the reader, the client and even the exact minute in time.

As someone who loves to be creative and also to record memories/plan/generally write things down, keeping a formal record of these Daily Draws is vital. I have been using digital planners and DigiBujos for a couple of years (Digital Bullet Journal), but then discovered the Zinnia app. It is so easy to be creative in there, and so quick to put together pages. I am investigating how best to share my blank page templates with my readers, but in the meantime feel free to DM me on Instagram (@aliwadedesigns) or email me at

Photo by Tucker Good on Unsplash

(I have just gone back to planning on paper and starting a Bullet Journal, and I am looking into ways of using one – or perhaps a Travellers Notebook – to record all of my Tarot journal/studies.)

If you haven’t done a Daily Draw before, start right now!

  • Shuffle your cards, pick one out and place it in front of you.
  • Start writing down whatever comes into your head.
  • Are there any specific parts of the image that jump out at you?
  • Any colours?
  • What is the background like?
  • Does it put any questions into your mind?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • How does the meaning change to you if it is reversed ?

Then I look through my current favourite book (Tarot for Your Self by Mary K Greer) and write a few words/sentences/a question from her meaning of the card. That may well be completely different to how I first looked at the card, but it is all useful and nothing should be disregarded.

This is my Journal Page for today’s Daily Draw – which was Judgement, a card I have never gelled with.

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