Design Cuts have been hosting a series of fantastic Procreate Live sessions this week. Due to the internet being very ill yesterday, they are rescheduling one of the sessions (with Teela Cunningham from EveryTuesday) to Thursday 2nd April @ 4 pm GMT.

Click on the image above to go and check out the incredible Top 50 Procreate Resources sale – up to 75% discount if you buy 5 or more.

Click on the above super-cute image to get this freebie pack of fantastic designs from some of my favourite designers on Design Cuts.

I think that so many people think that websites such as these are just for professional designers/bloggers/website creators etc. However, I know that a lot of my crafty friends enjoy mixed media/art journaling/card making etc. You could resize these elements to suit your project (use Canva – see my separate page – if you haven’t got the appropriate software or app already) and then print out.

You could use the fox with the amazing outfit and satchel to decorate a kid’s tshirt (there are lots of companies online who offer a service to customise tshirts).

Yes, if you are a professional designer/blogger/social media user, then Design Cuts has amazing resources for you.

This caught my eye, as it would be useful (and fun) for so many people.

Another really useful bundle is this one.