Design Bundles

One of the ways I am earning passive income is to be an affiliate for a few different resources, all of which I use regularly and have done for several years.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is basically someone who will earn a small percentage of the value of your purchases. When you purchase a product(s) through any of my links, then I get a varying amount paid into my affiliate account.

The first company is Design Bundles/Font Bundles. I came across this when I saw the free fonts that they offer, and then realised that they also have free design resources. I very quickly became a regular visitor to their sites, and have purchased many of their fantastic designs over the years – including the famous ‘bundles’, which are incredible value for money.

I post a selection of freebies and other products that catch my eye and which I think you may be interested in on my Facebook timeline, Instagram account and Pinterest.

I am an expert at searching for all different themes and designs, so email me at if you need my help to find the perfect font/designs for your next project.

I have just designed an Easter card for my family using resources from Design Bundles and the Affinity Designer desktop program.