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I am loving the huge range of classes available. Marbled Embroidery, Working with Acrylic Inks, How to Mend Clothing, Cricut Crafts, Sew a Swimsuit, Crochet A Fruit or Vegetable ……..

For anyone who has a Cricut machine (or thinking of getting one), there is a really nice selection of classes with Cricut projects – 49 in total.

For my first class I selected 30 Coloring Pages: Get Creative with Colored Pencils (you get the coloring pages too). I really enjoyed this class and loved the finished project.

Finished page

There is an ‘Illustrate with Procreate’ class being launched on 24th June (with Lindsay Stripling).

My next class is one called ‘How to Make Zines’ with Courtney Cerruti. Zines are basically DIY booklets. I have been making minibooks from one or perhaps a few sheets of card/paper for a few years, but now it seems they have a name and are a ‘thing’. I will be starting this class tomorrow and will do a blog post when it is finished (plus it will be included in my weekly update next Monday).