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WOYWW 562 – a bit of shopping

Happy WOYWW to everyone. This stands for What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday and is a global tour around the places where we craft, whether a craft room, dining room, kitchen or wherever. Come and join in at Stamping Ground.

My photo below shows that there is no actual crafting going on right now. I am multi-tasking in a big way, getting this blog post typed, dealing with Apple Support as my iPad won’t turn on and occasionally jumping up to do other tasks around the house (or I seize up if I sit for too long).

We went shopping in Llanelli yesterday and I managed to persuade hubby to let me visit The Range! I bought this pack of card (75 sheets, 75 colours), some Tacky Glue, plus a sweet donkey canvas and a photo frame. I am looking for a cheap machine to do embossing with, but they didn’t have any special deals, so I keep looking.

I am going to do some cardmaking tomorrow, mainly with my Cricut Maker – but just not been in the right mood to be creative today. This continuous grey/cold/wet weather really gets me down.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Ali x

ps iPad is refusing to do anything, so I have put it away in a drawer for now. It was going to cost at least £250 if it could be repaired, or they would charge me for a replacement. I have been thinking of upgrading to an iPad Pro anyway, so going to save up for a few months and hopefully there will be some good deals around when the new model is released. Sadly that means I cannot continue with my digital planning, which I really enjoy. Thinking of getting a cheap desk diary tomorrow and then doodling/stamping in it. A paper version!!

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WOYWW 561 – Ali Wade Designs

Good morning to you all. You will notice that this website is in the process of being changed. I will still be blogging about crafting (in fact there will be more blog posts – and even some videos to keep you entertained). However, it will be more about linking you to my sources of passive income – Printables and being an affiliate. I will be blogging about living with chronic health conditions and still bringing in some much needed income to the household. I am currently working on a range of products, which should be finished by next week, and then I will have a proper link to my Etsy shop (and I am investigating how to sell via this site).

What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday is explained more over at Stamping Ground, so please join in. My crafty table is showing a lot of potential, as there is a large HobbyCraft box sitting there waiting to be opened! You can also see a greetings card waiting to be finished (I just need to finish the backing paper design), and also a box of acrylic effect pastes (from Lidl). The box contains some more supplies for my new Cricut Maker – and some crafty tech for foiling. I will do an unboxing video and blog post later today or tomorrow.

This is the project we made in the most recent craft workshop I attended at SET Crafts in Haverfordwest. A gorgeous mixed media door hanger.

I hope everyone is well and happy. We are trying to decide when to go away to Spain next – whether to just get on a plane next week and enjoy some early spring sunshine, or to leave it until April/May when it will be a bit warmer in the area that we plan to explore (Girona, north of Barcelona). My health has been very up and down in the past 2 weeks, so I am thinking that staying at home is a more attractive option this week (I struggle with travel now). I actually got to cycle outside yesterday – a strong headwind, so I was very glad of my electric bike – but it was sunny and the roads were mostly dry. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful and quiet area – I only saw one vehicle on my whole 15 km ride.

Here are some photos.

Back to rain this morning, but at least the strong winds have gone for now.

Ali x

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WOYWW 559 – new tech & crackle glaze

Hi, everyone. Long time no type! Today is a day when I need to get on with various jobs before I hibernate in my craft room for the rest of the day. Last night I had an exciting delivery – the new Cricut Maker machine, which I ordered from Hobbycraft a few days ago. Obviously I just want to get it out of the box and start playing, but I am being strict with myself and getting the basics done first (typing this blog post, having breakfast, walking the dog and doing some floor cleaning downstairs). I will be doing a series of blog posts about my ‘journey’ with the Cricut Maker in the coming weeks/months/years.

This is my latest post for WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), hosted by Julia over at Join in. We love to see new craft spaces – room, table, floor, shed …..

I have been tidying my craft room for a while now – getting more stuff sold/donated and generally making it feel less crowded, as I was struggling to be in here surrounded by too many things. It isn’t finished, but at least I can move around without falling over things! Currently I have my ex-sewing machine table set up next to my main pc area, and the old Silhouette Cameo machine (which I bought very cheaply a couple of weeks ago) sits on there. Obviously, I need space for the Cricut Maker, so the Cameo will be moved to the windowsill immediately behind, so I can still plug it into the pc when I need to use it (the Cricut is wireless and will be connected to my iPad a lot of the time). I bought the Cameo, as it was so cheap and I really wanted to be able to use the large library of designs that I built up several years ago (over 2100). However, I knew that I would need one of the latest machines within the near future, so I could cut more materials/do more processes etc. I had been looking at the Cricut for a while – watching YouTube videos etc. It was a difficult decision not to buy one of the latest Cameo 4, but I do enjoy having new tech to play with and when I had an offer to buy through HobbyCraft with interest free payments for 4 months, I decided to treat myself. I already have my first client – a lady who needs lots of felt flowers cut out – so get in touch if there is anything you want personalised, large quantities of anything cut out, foiling, etc etc.

My photos today show my tidy crafting table. I have started to make a birthday card (that is a llama, which needs a blanket pad on its back, so it doesn’t get confused with a deer!). I need to finish a backing paper design that I started with a new software to me – Affinity Designer – and cut out a Happy Birthday sentiment. The pink journal (which I am going to use for photos) was made in a craft workshop last month. The crackle glaze on the covers is delicious!

The boxes on the floor contain the Cricut Maker and the tool kit that came with it.

Photos/videos later on here – and Instagram (@iamaliwade and @growinfaithcreatively).

Time to go and have my breakfast now and then walk Buzz the Dog.

Enjoy your day.

Ali x

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WOYWW 550 – festive crafting & fairy lights

It is probably the latest I have ever been joining in with What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday (hosted by Julia @ Stamping Ground). I took photos this morning and had every intention to get this typed well before lunch, but other stuff took priority and then we had a meeting with our accountant this afternoon. Finally, we have eaten a meal, cleaned up the kitchen etc and now I am grabbing some time at my pc table before collapsing on the sofa with a mince pie!

My photos show the results of 2 different craft workshops. If you are ever in Pembrokeshire, then I would definitely recommend coming along to a workshop at SET Craft in Haverfordwest (see their Facebook page for details of workshops). The fabulous lantern was a lot simpler to make than may first appear, as the tutor had already diecut all the necessary pieces for us. We had some folding/cutting/sticking to do make it all up. The slate heart was decorated with a napkin and some cold foiling.

I also show my craft room decorated with a spare set of fairy lights. If you want to see our Christmas tree and other decorations downstairs, then take a look at one of my Instagram accounts (I have three!), @iamaliwade.

I am hoping that I will be able to get this published (having issues with one of our wifi routers, which typically is what I use in my craft room). I am ok if I go downstairs to the living room and use my iPad, but it is just easier to type on a proper keyboard (ooh, thought of something else to go on my Christmas list – a keyboard for my iPad!). Had a look at MacBooks in Currys this afternoon and definitely something I would like one day (I miss my laptop).

As this is the last WOYWW before Christmas (I definitely won’t be anywhere near my pc next week! We have family staying with us – including two of the grandkids), I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep safe and well.

Ali x

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WOYWW 549 – a few crafty bargains

Morning, everyone. I am up and in my craft room fairly early today, and decided to get this typed before the day runs away with me.

I have two photos for you today. The first shows some fab Dazzles stickers. I have grand plans to use them on scrapbook layouts, but they definitely couldn’t stay in the shop at that reduced price.

The second shows the Crayola Twistables I treated myself to for Bible journaling. Again, these were in offer in Tesco. I also bought the set of alphabet stamps from Lidl at their usual bargain price. I have stamped out some names ready to make gift tags. I love the bright colours.

Did you get any ‘Black Friday/Cyber Monday’ bargains?

My Psoriasis is slowly healing. At least I am able to drive again and sleeping well at night (with the help of strong antihistamines!). We are helping my stepdaughter and her family move back to Pembrokeshire, so have been busy viewing houses/sorting out paperwork/loading and unloading vans etc. Our house and garage is full of bags/boxes/furniture. Hopefully she can make the final move before Christmas.

Christmas – are you ready? I need to get a few more cards in the post that I had missed off my original list. There are a few presents to buy, and I will be starting wrapping later. There are some that need to be sent off with a courier. I put up our tree and decorations on Sunday (busy with the chapel Christmas fair and a craft workshop on Saturday), turkey to be collected on Christmas Eve, and otherwise we are planning a fairly quiet time. Not sure if and when any family will be here, but it won’t be the busy/hectic week that we had last year. I have put my foot down and told hubby that I cannot cope with preparing big meals.

Breakfast time now (for me and the dog), so will get this published. If you would like to join in with this global crafty blog hop, then skip over to Julia’s Stamping Ground.

Ali x

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WOYWW 548 – some festive crafting

I am very late today. Had good intentions to get a blog post typed early this morning, but then got distracted by budgets. Not as interesting as joining in with this global crafty blog hop (hosted by Julia over at Stamping Ground), but very satisfying to know that I sort of know where my spending needs to go for the next few months (in my journey towards being totally debt-free, which should end by August next year!).

My photos were taken yesterday, but my crafty table doesn’t look much different now, except there are more washi tapes waiting to possibly be made into very last minute Christmas cards. I want to post my cards tomorrow, so if I don’t feel like sticking washi tape to card whilst watching tv later, then I will be writing out charity cards left over from last year!

My whole ethos (is that the right word?!) of making my life simpler also relates to Christmas. I am doing a lot less this year – spending less, sending out less cards (not spending hours making cards) and generally not over-catering in all ways. Wish I had started on this about 20 years ago!

The star on the top of the washi tree looks blue in the photo, as I had just used a glue pen ready to foil it with gold. I bought the foiling/glitter kit last year, but never used it. When I did my big Craft Room Clearout, this was one thing I wanted to keep, as I knew that eventually I would enjoy playing with it. Now I just want to foil everything! My next crafty session will be seeing if it works on Bible paper, so watch this space.

I hope that everyone is well and happy. I haven’t toured around any of the other blogs for a while. My health took a turn for the worse about a week after getting back from Spain. My Psoriasis and another painful long-term issue flared up, and I have truthfully not felt like doing much at all, apart from attempting to keep up with the housework/laundry etc and watching tv. Everything crossed that I will be recovering from now on.

I am continuing to do Photoshop tutorials (the black card with snowflakes was designed on there), and I still keep hoping that one day it will all be clearer to me. The Serif CraftArtist software is so much more intuitive. I no longer have my laptop, and my desktop pc had to have a new hard drive, so don’t have CraftArtist to use right now. I do have a rare unused disk in my cupboard that was bought many years ago when Create & Craft were selling it for £5, so intend to get that loaded onto my pc soon. However, for now, I will perservere with Photoshop. It keeps my brain working!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ali x

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WOYWW 545 – all sorts waiting to be done

Afternoon everyone (it is rapidly approaching lunchtime here, so I am typing very quickly). It has been a while since I blogged. There has been some crafting happening, but mainly at workshops (I have two this week). I have restarted Bible journaling again, but that has been purely digital so far (received my delivery from yesterday, and will be doing an unboxing video this afternoon). There will be a separate blog post showing the two layouts I have done so far – on Photoshop, which continues to be a steep learning curve.

We have just come back from our most recent trip to Spain – our beloved Northern Costa Blanca again. I will do a separate blog post with some photos, as there is just so much beauty to share. In the meantime, my Instagram accounts always have lots of photos/videos – @iamaliwade (for photos of the farm, animals, Spain, Pembrokeshire, cycling etc), @big_old_farmhouse (for household management, living with chronic illness/perimenopause, natural cleaning etc) and my new one @growinfaithcreatively (for all Bible journaling, faith art etc). I am an Instagram addict!

My crafty table shows some magazines that I bought purely for the stamps, which are all really useful. There is a small pile of cross stitching stash. I hadn’t stitched for years, but then our local chapel crafting group started on Christmas cards last month. I was busy teaching the beginners, but did make a start on a robin design. We will be continuing with these next week, and I will get my card finished at home probably (leading the workshop for the first time). The vellum wrap with foiling was what we made at a workshop a few weeks ago. A battery-powered tealight goes inside. The foiling is done by applying the glue from the Stix2 glue pen, waiting for it to go clear, and then pressing on the foil. I bought a pen home and some of the foils to do some other projects.

I have some birthday cards to make this week, including three cycling-themed ones for members of our local cycling club (we are having a joint birthday meal next week). I also need to get on with my latest needle felting project, and of course I will be continuing to learn Bible journaling techniques. There should be some more interesting photos next Wednesday.

If anyone wants to join in with the weekly global blog hop around crafty workspaces, then visit HERE.

I will attempt to visit some blogs later.

Ali x

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WOYWW 541 – I bought some stash!

I was just about to wish everyone Good Morning, but it is actually 12.25 pm. I have worked out how to log into my WordPress account and I have every intention to blog regularly on here, but definitely don’t hold your breath!

As today is Wednesday, I am joining in with What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Take a trip over to the Stamping Ground for more details and to join in yourself. As my blog post title says, I actually bought some stash this week. I was at a craft workshop at our local craft shop and it was mentioned that one of the town’s charity shops had a large amount of crafty stash donated to it. Obviously, we dropped everything that we were doing and literally walked as quickly as we could up the High Street (and if you know Haverfordwest, you know how steep that is!). Lots to choose from, including several baskets full of planner stash. I do my planning digitally now, but couldn’t resist some of the cute stamps (which will be useful for cards, notelets etc), wood embellies and some washi tape. I also bought some other stamp sets and a cross stitch kit. All of this for £16.

Didn’t I do well?!

Crafting-wise, I have been to a few workshops recently, and at least three planned each month. I will do a separate blog post showing what we have made.

Otherwise I have been busy with cleaning/organising the house/garden etc, getting out on my bike when I can (regularly cycling 20-30 km routes now), Spanish online lessons and trying to find space in my day for Photoshop (I have been attempting to master this for years now, and determined to keep going). I am also starting Bible Journaling again, with an international online conference starting later today.

Lots to type about in the coming months.

We are off to Spain at the end of the month, where I will be hiring an electric bike, so I can enjoy cycling around the beautiful valley. Who knows how Brexit will affect our plans to buy a property there, but in the meantime we can enjoy the lifestyle/weather for holidays.

I do still intend to import at least some of my Blogger blog posts over here at some point, but who knows when that will be.

Hope that everyone is well.

Ali x