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Tea Towel Excitement (*Updated)

You can now order this design as a teatowel. Only available until the end of May 2020, so grab one or more now.

Last week, at the very last minute, I was reminded of the annual Wraptious Tea Towel Competition. With only a few hours before entries closed, I decided to use my Funky Bunny and add it to a pink background. Very simple to do and I think it makes a great tea towel.

Sadly orders are closed at the moment due to Coronavirus, but once they are able to print them I will remind you!

Click on the image below to go to the Wraptious website, and take a look at all the other entries whilst you are there. They are all fabulous.

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Four steps to ensure that your pets are cared for in an emergency

  • Firstly, carry a card in your wallet notifying any emergency personnel that you have pets at home, and display a card in your door/window at home to show that there are pets in the home (or garden/yard/fields). I have designed a printable that has these (plus a keychain tag) on one A4 sheet. Lots of different options for your non-human family, including the most popular dog breeds, and I will be adding many more in the next few weeks. I can also do a custom order, with perhaps photos of your pets. Click HERE to visit my new Shop section.
  • Ensure that at least two separate people you trust have access to your home – sets of keys, knowledge of where keys are hidden, alarm codes … Try to choose people who live close to your home, are around when you are at work, know your pets and are happy to care for your pets temporarily.
  • Prepare an emergency kit for your pets (so one per animal). These could contain, for example,
    – Any pet insurance details
    – Vet and vaccination records
    – Information about any medication your pet needs, and where these are in the home
    – A carrier for a small pet
    – A slip lead for a dog
    – Information about any behaviour problems/habits, feeding routine etc.

    Ensure your ‘Emergency Guardians’ know where these emergency kits are (which should be in waterproof containers). Also, always have enough food/medication for at least two weeks.
  • Put into writing permanent arrangements for your pets. This could detail the permanent caregiver(s) for your pets, permission for pets to be put to sleep if this is the best thing for them (only you can decide on that), and either a trust or other financial arrangement to ensure they are cared for. This could be in your will or another formal written arrangement. However, keep in mind that you need to ensure that there are written instructions to ensure your pets are cared for immediately, as a will for instance will take some time to come into effect.

    Organisations in the UK that will ensure your pet is cared for if you die or are unable to provide long-term care –

    Dogs Trust
    Blue Cross
    Wood Green Animal Charity

This is a lot to think about, but once done (and updated regularly) will give you some peace of mind knowing that in the case of an emergency your pets will be cared for appropriately.

This is just a very basic guide. Every pet family will be different and your circumstances will vary a lot as well.

One final tip – take lots of photos and videos of your pets. These will be a huge comfort if you are unable to care for your pets anymore.

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Funky Easter Bunny

Whilst having a look on Pinterest yesterday I saw a drawing project involving a bunny outline and assorted pairs of glasses. I loved the finished examples being shown, so this morning I downloaded the template, converted it it into PNG files with Affinity Designer (free 90 day trial at the moment), and got drawing/colouring on my iPad with Procreate.

It has taken me a lot of the day to get it finished (in a few sessions in front of the tv). A lot of extra time was spent getting the pair of glasses I wanted to use converted into a clear background (using the Magic Eraser app). However, I then realised I could have just traced over in a new layer, deleted the original layer, and saved as PNG with transparent background! I definitely learn every time I do a project.

Here he is (definitely a boy!). Click on the image to download the template for yourself from

Obviously this was originally for children, but anyone of any age can have fun filling in the different sections, perhaps use different colours/textures. You can definitely print it out and do it all on paper/card.

It kept me entertained for another day whilst on ‘lockdown’.

Give it a go, and tag me if you post on Instagram @aliwadedesigns.

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WOYWW 524 – Sharpies on glass

I am going to cheat, as I often do with WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), and show what I made at a craft workshop.

Last night it was the monthly meet-up at a local chapel; a lovely group of friendly ladies. If you are ever in Pembrokeshire on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, then come and join us. This time we decorated glasses with Sharpie pens. A lot of inspiration was obtained from Pinterest!

I attempted to do a ombre-effect, which was basically doing lots of dots in different colours, which is my level of art at the moment (it is the blue champagne flute – really difficult to get a clear photo of it by itself).

I also went to a glass painting workshop last week, so a lot of glass in my life at the moment. Apart from this there is no crafting going on. Instagram and cleaning are taking up most of my days – trying out some homemade cleaning recipes later. Come over to Instagram – the cleaning community is crazy.

Hope that everyone is well. I need to go and read some blog posts and catch up.

Ali x

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WOYWW 522 – not much to see

This is my first WordPress post for WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) and will be a quick one. There is absolutely nothing going on in my craft room, except for packaging up some parcels to take to the post office later.

Therefore, I show you some of my displayed items and the new storage box for my very much reduced mixed media stash (yes, just one box!).

The pink document holder has a lovely pocket letter I received as part of a swap last year, a folder with some left over die cuts (I no longer have a die cutting machine) and some empty folders! The 2 bears were made by a lady who attends the craft workshops I go to at our local craft shop.
Box from Homebase
Still got a nice selection of tools and mediums if I really want to do some actual scrapbooking/journals.

I am loving seeing the photos and blog posts about the Crop on Saturday. So sorry I missed it. Basically I overscheduled by booking our car for a service in Swindon on the Friday. We had to travel down on Thursday afternoon, as it is a 4 hour drive, then went to the Outlet Shopping Centre for shopping/food that evening. Friday was spent touring around Wiltshire (Devizes and Avebury) whilst the car was in the workshop. I was exhausted after all that and we made the decision to return home that evening. We should have just travelled up to Shrewsbury on the Friday afternoon, ready for the Crop and got the car serviced another time. Oh well, I have learnt that I can only cope with one activity per trip away, which I did really know – but I am always over-optimistic about how much I can cope with.

I haven’t transferred any of my old Blogger posts over here yet, but will attempt that soon. Obviously there won’t be a huge amount of crafty stuff, but I will share my digital crafting ‘journey’ (a lot to learn) and the workshops I go to (got a papercrafting one on Friday), plus the rock painting (need to get some more done, as will be hiding a few today).

If anyone is interested in cleaning (especially trying to make up my own recipes and reducing the amount of products we use in the house), organisation and decluttering, and generally living with chronic illness, then my other blog posts are worth a read.

Ali x