No introduction needed. If, like me, you have Amazon Prime membership, then I expect you also go there first to check out prices and stock.

I will list below some products that I use and perhaps you will find useful too.

If you are looking for a specific product, gift idea or recommendation, then just email me at

Sports laundry wash (great for cycling clothes)

heat pad for neck/shoulders/back (so cosy when I am typing in my craft room)

the probiotics I have been taking for over a year – really helps to reduce my ibs

the webcam i use for zoom meetings etc

the once-daily sun lotion that we now use (perfect for long cycle rides)

we use this lawn sprinkler for our large rear garden

the oatmeal bath that i recommend for everyone with psoriasis

read about the wildlife, landscapes and history of pembrokeshire

the os map for south pembrokeshire (this is the most detailed os map and vital for walkers, cyclists, horseriders etc)

the same detailed map, but for north pembrokeshire

20 walks from 6.5 to 13 miles

the non-slip rear car seat cover that i used for 3 years in my fiat panda (attaches to back of front seats too, so stops all the hair & dirt getting into the foot well). if you have a dog and a vehicle, then you need one of these!

this helped to teach my lively jack russell some manners! He is 13 now and still goes into a ‘settle’ immediately he sees a treat or is commanded. take a look at this and see how it can be used to train in so many different circumstances

i bought one of these harnesses for my strong jack russell many years ago and he is still wearing it daily. super-soft, easy to wash, very comfy and just does the job for a low price