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Four steps to ensure that your pets are cared for in an emergency

  • Firstly, carry a card in your wallet notifying any emergency personnel that you have pets at home, and display a card in your door/window at home to show that there are pets in the home (or garden/yard/fields). I have designed a printable that has these (plus a keychain tag) on one A4 sheet. Lots of different options for your non-human family, including the most popular dog breeds, and I will be adding many more in the next few weeks. I can also do a custom order, with perhaps photos of your pets. Click HERE to visit my new Shop section.
  • Ensure that at least two separate people you trust have access to your home – sets of keys, knowledge of where keys are hidden, alarm codes … Try to choose people who live close to your home, are around when you are at work, know your pets and are happy to care for your pets temporarily.
  • Prepare an emergency kit for your pets (so one per animal). These could contain, for example,
    – Any pet insurance details
    – Vet and vaccination records
    – Information about any medication your pet needs, and where these are in the home
    – A carrier for a small pet
    – A slip lead for a dog
    – Information about any behaviour problems/habits, feeding routine etc.

    Ensure your ‘Emergency Guardians’ know where these emergency kits are (which should be in waterproof containers). Also, always have enough food/medication for at least two weeks.
  • Put into writing permanent arrangements for your pets. This could detail the permanent caregiver(s) for your pets, permission for pets to be put to sleep if this is the best thing for them (only you can decide on that), and either a trust or other financial arrangement to ensure they are cared for. This could be in your will or another formal written arrangement. However, keep in mind that you need to ensure that there are written instructions to ensure your pets are cared for immediately, as a will for instance will take some time to come into effect.

    Organisations in the UK that will ensure your pet is cared for if you die or are unable to provide long-term care –

    Dogs Trust
    Blue Cross
    Wood Green Animal Charity

This is a lot to think about, but once done (and updated regularly) will give you some peace of mind knowing that in the case of an emergency your pets will be cared for appropriately.

This is just a very basic guide. Every pet family will be different and your circumstances will vary a lot as well.

One final tip – take lots of photos and videos of your pets. These will be a huge comfort if you are unable to care for your pets anymore.

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Funky Easter Bunny

Whilst having a look on Pinterest yesterday I saw a drawing project involving a bunny outline and assorted pairs of glasses. I loved the finished examples being shown, so this morning I downloaded the template, converted it it into PNG files with Affinity Designer (free 90 day trial at the moment), and got drawing/colouring on my iPad with Procreate.

It has taken me a lot of the day to get it finished (in a few sessions in front of the tv). A lot of extra time was spent getting the pair of glasses I wanted to use converted into a clear background (using the Magic Eraser app). However, I then realised I could have just traced over in a new layer, deleted the original layer, and saved as PNG with transparent background! I definitely learn every time I do a project.

Here he is (definitely a boy!). Click on the image to download the template for yourself from

Obviously this was originally for children, but anyone of any age can have fun filling in the different sections, perhaps use different colours/textures. You can definitely print it out and do it all on paper/card.

It kept me entertained for another day whilst on ‘lockdown’.

Give it a go, and tag me if you post on Instagram @aliwadedesigns.

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WOYWW 564 – a week that I needed lots of distraction

This whole world is very shaken and delicate at the moment. I am too. I have been having cold/hayfever type symptoms for over a week, as well as hubby, and then I became quite ill on Monday night, which made me panic. Thankfully, I was feeling a bit better yesterday, so hopefully it is just a cold combined with my usual Fibromyalgia issues. I am praying that family/friends/WOYWWers are all well and coping with enforced isolation. My usual lifestyle is isolated compared to many so, apart from missing the freedom to go shopping whenever I want and craft workshops, life for me has not changed much.

If you would like to join in with WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), then go to Stamping Ground.

I haven’t done any crafting since last week (been very busy with my online affiliate work and watching Procreate Live sessions each day this week), so my photos show my views from my chair right now. To my right is my little table (my original crafting table from 2003!) with my fantastic Cricut Maker (Rose Gold). I am going to do some Easter projects with that soon. To my left you can see my main crafty table, which still has the felt flowers on it waiting to be finished!

Well, that is it for today. Us crafters have one positive in this scary time – we certainly aren’t bored staying at home! I keep having friends and family asking if I am getting lots of craft projects done. Well, so far, that has not happened. However, it will be a few weeks at least before it is safe for me to go out and about again, so I am sure that next week I will have some projects to show off. I look forward to seeing what you are all doing. Remember that I am on Instagram if you want to see what I am up to daily.

Stay safe.

Ali xx

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Procreate Live Event with Design Cuts

Design Cuts are hosting a Procreate Live Event from Monday 23rd March 2020 to Wednesday 25th March 2020. There are 7 sessions with top designers, and incredible discounts available.

EDITED TO ADD – due to internet issues yesterday, the Teela Cunningham session is being rescheduled for Thursday 2nd April at 4 pm GMT. She is an amazing lettering expert and her session will be on Animation in Procreate.

Whether you are new to Procreate, thinking about starting to use it, or more advanced, this will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the best names in the Procreate space. More information about Procreate.

Click HERE to register for each session (there will be a recording available to everyone who registers). I have already blocked out the times in my planner each day and really looking forward to it.

Click on the image above to get the glitter brushes that will be used in the first Live session on Monday 23rd March 2020. Remember to register, so you get access to the recording.

One of the sets being used in the 2nd session at 3 pm GMT.

The 2nd set being used by Jimbo & Tea from Shoutbam! in their free Procreate Live session on Monday 23rd March 2020 at 3 pm GMT – Procreate Lettering Basics. Register via the clickable links at the top of this blog post to get access to the recording.

Lisa Glanz will be doing her session at 2 pm today, Tuesday 24th March 2020. So looking forward to this one – an Illustration Masterclass!

Art with Flo will be showing how to draw a realistic eye in her free Procreate Live session on Tuesday 24th March 2020 @ 3 pm.

Ian Barnard, famous calligrapher and hand lettering artist, will be on the first session for Wednesday 25th March 2020 at 2 pm. He will be doing lots of Procreate Tips & Tricks. I think this will be a must-watch for all Procreate beginners. Click on the photo above to register.

Teela Cunningham from Every Tuesday will be doing the 3 pm Procreate Live session on Wednesday 25th March 2020, covering basic animation with her watercolour lettering brushes. I haven’t tried animation yet, so looking forward to this.

It will be really sad when the last Procreate Live session today with finishes. Peggy Dean from The Pigeon Letters will be showing us how to create a 3D Monogram Letter. I have enjoyed the interaction of these live events so much. My craft room is very quiet otherwise. Click on the image above to register for this session.

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WOYWW 563 – Felt Flowers

Morning everyone. I have been up for a while, but got sucked into the Facebook ‘hole that has no end’. My crafty table today has some felt flowers that I cut out on my Cricut Maker and now waiting to be glued or sewn together. I might do some embroidery on them too. They are for the anniversary celebrations for a local chapel, but that has been postponed until later in the year, so no rush now. The fabric mat for the Cricut is also sitting there with a lint roller next to it (delivered from Amazon yesterday). I saw a tip that it would help to get the last few pieces of felt fuzz off it. It has also lost all its stickiness, so will either wash it with soapy water or get a glue pen on it.

We are not self-isolating strictly here, as neither of us are in the official list, but our life is fairly isolated anyway. The only change for me at the moment is that all craft workshops/clubs are cancelled and obviously we cannot fly off to Spain. I am going out to do some grocery shopping today (need some fresh veg etc before the next booked Tesco delivery on Saturday), but going to a local village shop instead of a large supermarket. There should be lower risk of being annoyed by those panic buying, and also good to support a small business. One of the towns near us, St Davids, has a fruit/veg shop, so going to see if they are open too. My days are just as full as usual with attempting to keep our house clean/tidy, walking the dog, cycling (probably just indoors now, as I don’t want to risk an accident that requires hospital treatment), online business stuff and, of course, crafting. We also enjoy watching ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ each day!!

Stay safe everyone, and KEEP CRAFTING!

Ali x

ps Join in with What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday HERE.

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WOYWW 562 – a bit of shopping

Happy WOYWW to everyone. This stands for What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday and is a global tour around the places where we craft, whether a craft room, dining room, kitchen or wherever. Come and join in at Stamping Ground.

My photo below shows that there is no actual crafting going on right now. I am multi-tasking in a big way, getting this blog post typed, dealing with Apple Support as my iPad won’t turn on and occasionally jumping up to do other tasks around the house (or I seize up if I sit for too long).

We went shopping in Llanelli yesterday and I managed to persuade hubby to let me visit The Range! I bought this pack of card (75 sheets, 75 colours), some Tacky Glue, plus a sweet donkey canvas and a photo frame. I am looking for a cheap machine to do embossing with, but they didn’t have any special deals, so I keep looking.

I am going to do some cardmaking tomorrow, mainly with my Cricut Maker – but just not been in the right mood to be creative today. This continuous grey/cold/wet weather really gets me down.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Ali x

ps iPad is refusing to do anything, so I have put it away in a drawer for now. It was going to cost at least £250 if it could be repaired, or they would charge me for a replacement. I have been thinking of upgrading to an iPad Pro anyway, so going to save up for a few months and hopefully there will be some good deals around when the new model is released. Sadly that means I cannot continue with my digital planning, which I really enjoy. Thinking of getting a cheap desk diary tomorrow and then doodling/stamping in it. A paper version!!

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WOYWW 561 – Ali Wade Designs

Good morning to you all. You will notice that this website is in the process of being changed. I will still be blogging about crafting (in fact there will be more blog posts – and even some videos to keep you entertained). However, it will be more about linking you to my sources of passive income – Printables and being an affiliate. I will be blogging about living with chronic health conditions and still bringing in some much needed income to the household. I am currently working on a range of products, which should be finished by next week, and then I will have a proper link to my Etsy shop (and I am investigating how to sell via this site).

What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday is explained more over at Stamping Ground, so please join in. My crafty table is showing a lot of potential, as there is a large HobbyCraft box sitting there waiting to be opened! You can also see a greetings card waiting to be finished (I just need to finish the backing paper design), and also a box of acrylic effect pastes (from Lidl). The box contains some more supplies for my new Cricut Maker – and some crafty tech for foiling. I will do an unboxing video and blog post later today or tomorrow.

This is the project we made in the most recent craft workshop I attended at SET Crafts in Haverfordwest. A gorgeous mixed media door hanger.

I hope everyone is well and happy. We are trying to decide when to go away to Spain next – whether to just get on a plane next week and enjoy some early spring sunshine, or to leave it until April/May when it will be a bit warmer in the area that we plan to explore (Girona, north of Barcelona). My health has been very up and down in the past 2 weeks, so I am thinking that staying at home is a more attractive option this week (I struggle with travel now). I actually got to cycle outside yesterday – a strong headwind, so I was very glad of my electric bike – but it was sunny and the roads were mostly dry. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful and quiet area – I only saw one vehicle on my whole 15 km ride.

Here are some photos.

Back to rain this morning, but at least the strong winds have gone for now.

Ali x