Laundry – Testing the EcoEgg

Ecoegg the company was formed in 2008. They are best known for the Laundry Egg, but also have a wide range of other products now on their website, including Dryer Balls which I am adding to my future test list.

I have used the Laundry Eggs on a few separate occasions over the years, but they never lived up to my high expectations. I do want to use natural products, save money if possible and keep things simple, but I also need to have clean/fresh/soft laundry. After seeing a few other accounts on Instagram testing them out, I thought I should give them one last go (and a proper go) before ditching them permanently.

Last weekend (18th May 2019) I decided to use the Laundry Egg for all my wash loads for at least a week, except for hubby’s cycling clothes which need a specialist liquid.

I have 3 Laundry Eggs in my laundry room. Two with just a fragrance and another with whitener added. These were all purchased from QVC on one of their special packages, which included a storage tin and the stain remover paste. At the beginning of the test I topped up all the eggs with fresh pellets, and this definitely helped with the performance of them.

The mineral pellets inside the Ecoegg Laundry Ball
Two EcoEgg laundry balls in their storage cups.  These are plastic egg-shaped balls with mineral pellets inside, used for laundry.
Two of my Ecoegg Laundry Balls in their storage cups, which are stuck to the inside of my laundry room cupboard door.

What are Ecoegg Laundry Eggs? They are plastic egg-shaped containers with 2 different types of natural mineral pellets inside. They are marketed as a ‘complete solution’ – no need for a fabric softener. They are supported by Allergy UK. You buy refills of the mineral pellets.

Two bags of Ecoegg Laundry Ball mineral pellet refills. One with whitener added. These are used for washing laundry.
Two refill bags of the mineral pellets – one with whitener added

Why use them? As well as being kinder to our skin and the environment, they are also meant to save money. I have not had a chance to work out how much the cost is per wash, which obviously depends on how long they last, but Ecoegg quote somewhere between 4-6 pence.

The simplicity also attracted me. Just having two different eggs to choose from, chuck one in with the load and there you go.

Throughout the week I have tested them with normal mixed loads, dog bedding, bed linen, towels and cleaning cloths – ranging from 40 degrees to 60 degrees.

All have come out clean and fresh, but have also mostly been dried outside, so that always creates that wonderful fresh fragrance.

Cleaning cloths were particularly dirty and I was impressed at the cleaning power, as well as the white towels.

I have a chocolate stain on a white t-shirt, which I will try the stain removing paste on and edit this post then. I will also be drying using the tumble drier and heated airer this week, and will report back on the freshness from that.

Will I continue to use the Ecoegg Laundry Balls? Yes, definitely. I will assess the cost per load and how the performance is reduced as the mineral pellets reduce in size.

I do have some different laundry liquids in my laundry room cupboard, which will get used up – Ecover, Astonish, M&S.

I will make a final decision later in the year, but I would recommend the Laundry Eggs. If anyone is local to me (Pembrokeshire), then I am happy to lend one to you for a wash load and you can test it for yourself.

If you have any questions, please email me ( or post a comment below. I would also love to hear from anyone who uses the Laundry Egg and what they think of it.