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About Ali

Hi, my name is Ali Wade. I am 49 at the time of typing, and live in rural Pembrokeshire with my semi-retired/dairy farmer/cycling addict hubby! I have been blogging since 2012 over on Blogger, and in 2019 I transferred over to WordPress (which is definitely a steep learning curve!).

What started as a simple blog, mainly about crafting, is now progressing into a website that will showcase my sources of passive income. I have Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis, and have not been able to work outside the home for many years. We are planning to move away from our dairy farm business – both in terms of the actual physical running of it (we have a contractor providing the labour and machinery now) and also spending more of the year in Spain. Therefore, we are looking at other ways of providing income for our later years (we are far too young to retire!). My passion for crafting and design, combined with other interests, is leading me to develop ‘Ali Wade Designs’. There will be a range of printables, plus the option to order actual products which use my designs (ie posters, canvases, cushions etc, etc).

I am also an affiliate – currently with Design Bundles (who I have used for many years), with others coming soon. Simply, if you see a design/font/bundle that you need in your crafty digital stash, then you purchase it/use it and I get a small percentage of the purchase price.

I am concentrating mainly on developing Passive Income, as that fits best with my chronic health conditions. However, I am always here to discuss custom orders with you.

I have a long To Do List for developing this website, so please bear with me. The design and content will be changing a lot in the next few weeks.

4th March 2020

I am writing on Medium again.

Hi. Thank you for using your valuable time to visit my website. I treasure every comment, so add a few words or sentences. Ali x