Guinea pigs … Cavies … Piggies … Guineas …

Whatever you call them, they are super-cute!

My Life with Guinea Pigs started as a child. I think my first piggy came from the Stow Horse Fair. I already had a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and loved all animals, so seeing some cute guinea pigs in a cage with a For Sale sign meant that my dad couldn’t really say no!

In the past 40 years there have been times when I haven’t had guinea pigs in my life (including the past 4 years) – perhaps because of work, where I was living, health or other commitments. However, there have been times when there have been many – I have bred and shown, fostered for the RSPCA and also run a guinea pig rescue.

I started thinking about getting a pair of guinea pigs probably about a year ago (2019), but Buzz, our elderly Jack Russell Terrier, was struggling with declining health and I really needed to focus on him. Sadly he went over Rainbow Bridge last month (September 2020) and I have found the house to be so quiet and empty.

I am now starting my journey towards guinea pig ownership again, this time in 2020. I am setting up everything ready for the arrival of 2 older boars from a local rescue (rushing to get this done before we go into full lockdown in Wales). There will be blog posts, plus I am posting on my Instagram @big_old_farmhouse.

Cage, bedding, food, environment enrichment etc etc.

Craft projects of all types, shopping for your piggies and you.

Join me in this journey.

I would love to hear from other people with guinea pigs, just starting to plan for the arrival of guinea pigs or thinking of starting their own ‘Life with Guinea Pigs’ journey. Comment on my blog posts, email me, see me on social media and Pinterest.

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